Expense claim reporting

WCB-Alberta's Board of Directors and management fully support the principles behind the Government of Alberta's expense policy. As an organization funded through employer premiums, we take a conservative and responsible approach to work expenses. We believe in transparency and accountability.

Effective December 2012, we post travel and hospitality expenses for members of the Board of Directors and WCB executives every two months.

Reporting Period Link to pdf
Aug. 1 - Aug. 31, 2017 Herard, Ostapek,
July 1 - July 31, 2017 King, Ostapek,
June 1 - June 30, 2017 Ference, Helmhold, Kerr, Kindrake, King, Lambooy, Nowicki, Ostapek, Shulha-McKay, Thostenson,
May 1 - May 31, 2017 Ference, Helmhold, Hughes, Kindrake, King, Lambooy, Niblett, Nowicki, Ostapek,
Apr. 1 - Apr. 30, 2017 Ference, Helmhold, Kerr, King, Nowicki, Ostapek,
Mar. 1 - Mar. 31, 2017 Helmhold, Kerr, Lambooy, Nowicki,
Feb. 1 - Feb. 28, 2017 Helmhold, Herard, Kindrake, King, McPherson, Nowicki, Ostapek
Jan. 1 - Jan. 31, 2017 King, Lambooy, Ostapek


Note: Only those executives and/or board members with claimed expenses during the period reported are posted.