Accountability at WCB-Alberta - WCB Alberta

Accountability at WCB-Alberta

Accountability to all our stakeholders is one of the guiding principles for how we conduct our business.


To ensure accountability, our governing Board of Directors monitors the performance of WCB-Alberta. The working guidelines and expectations for the Board of Directors are outlined in our corporate governance policy. The policy is reviewed regularly to ensure it aligns with our organizational values and maintains best practices in corporate governance.

The Board of Directors provides strategic direction and guidance to WCB management, and approaches governance from three primary areas of focus:

  • decision making,
  • risk management and monitoring, and
  • self assessment and performance.

Code of conduct

Our employees and board members are expected to conduct business ethically, with respect and integrity.

These expectations are outlined in our Human Resources guidelines:

Ethics program

Ethics is at the forefront of everything we do here at WCB, which is why we have an ethics program to support employees in making sound, ethical choices while they're at work. We have a statement of ethics that provides employees with guidelines for ethical decision-making. Our ethics committee, made up of employees from all areas of our organization, serves as a sounding board to provide formal and informal advice on ethical situations for all employees. The committee also organizes ethics-focused events and training sessions. Through awareness and dialogue, WCB’s ethics program promotes good decision-making and a high standard for individual and corporate behaviour.

Expense disclosure

We are committed to being transparent. As an organization funded through employer premiums, we take a conservative and responsible approach to work expenses.

WCB's Board of Directors and management fully support the principles behind the Government of Alberta's expense policy. Effective December 2012, we post travel and hospitality expenses for members of the Board of Directors and WCB executives every two months.

Compensation disclosure

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we disclose salary and severance information in accordance with the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act.


  • Corporate governance policy manual
    The working guidelines for the Board of Directors, including responsibilities, authority and administration for the Board and President & CEO.
  • Directory of personal information banks
    This directory lists the personal information banks we hold. A personal information bank includes the type of personal information and the categories of individuals whose information is included, our authority for collecting the information and how it is used or disclosed.