Accountability at WCB-Alberta

Professional and positive interactions

We know that dealing with a workplace injury can be challenging and stressful at times. We’re here to support you and collaborate with you to achieve safe, successful outcomes.

Code of Rights and Conduct

We are committed to delivering service that is respectful, fair, timely and compassionate. Our employees are taught and expected to follow our Code of Rights and Conduct in all of our interactions with you. The Code articulates the rights of workers and employers as we work together.

Client and staff collaboration

We believe that physical and psychological safety is important both for our clients and our staff. If a client interacts with our staff in a way that is unreasonable, we will work together to find a way to collaborate and communicate in a way that is safe and respectful for everyone. Our process for maintaining professional and positive interactions is outlined in our client and staff collaboration guide.

Fairness reviews

If you feel you were treated unfairly—either from a behavioural or process perspective—the Fair Process Review Centre (FPRC) offers an independent and impartial service to help resolve the issue.

Fraud awareness

The workers’ compensation system belongs to all of us. We rely on most people to be honest—and they are! However, there is a small percentage who are not, which can add up to big costs to the system and to the public.

If you suspect someone is impersonating or taking advantage of the workers’ compensation system, you can report it to us. Learn how to identify and report fraudulent activity to help keep your information and the system secure.


To ensure accountability, our governing Board of Directors monitors the performance of WCB-Alberta. The working guidelines and expectations for the Board of Directors are outlined in our corporate governance policy. The policy is reviewed regularly to ensure it aligns with our organizational values and maintains best practices in corporate governance.

The Board of Directors provides strategic direction and guidance to WCB management, and approaches governance from three primary areas of focus:

  • decision making
  • risk management and monitoring
  • self assessment and performance

Specific to the investments within the Accident Fund, the Board of Directors provides oversight through the Investment Policy Statement. The Statement outlines the objectives and guidelines for managing and monitoring WCB’s investment assets.

Mandate and Roles

In compliance with the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act (APAGA), the Board of Directors must have a Mandate and Roles document, developed with the Minister responsible for the Workers' Compensation Act and their ministry to reflect a common understanding of each party's respective roles and responsibilities in achieving the principles and goals of the workers’ compensation system. This document is intended to support the Meredith principles and legislative authority entrusted to WCB, and establish expectations for the Board of Directors. Under APAGA, the document must be reviewed and renewed, amended or replaced each three years.

Freedom of information and protection of privacy (FOIP)

Under Alberta’s FOIP Act you have the right to request access to WCB-Alberta records and request correction of your personal information held by WCB-Alberta. The FOIP Act provides WCB with a framework for collecting, using and disclosing personal information for our programs and services. It also provides individuals with the right to request an independent review of matters under the FOIP Act. Find out how you can make a formal request and more about WCB's commitment to meeting the requirements of the FOIP Act.

Code of Ethics

Ethics is at the forefront of everything we do at WCB-Alberta, and our employees and board members are expected to conduct business with respect and integrity. We’ve formalized our commitment to acting impartially and ethically in our Code of Ethics, which employees and board members are required to sign off on yearly.

Expense disclosure

We are committed to being transparent. As an organization funded through employer premiums, we take a conservative and responsible approach to work expenses.

WCB's Board of Directors and management fully support the principles behind the Government of Alberta's expense policy. We post travel and hospitality expenses for members of the Board of Directors and WCB executives twice per year.

Compensation disclosure

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we disclose salary and severance information in accordance with the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act.


  • Corporate governance policy manual
    The working guidelines for the Board of Directors, including responsibilities, authority and administration for the Board and President & CEO.
  • Fraud procedure
    In the event a WCB-Alberta employee is suspicious about a potentially fraudulent situation, we have an internal fraud procedure to help guide their actions.
  • Directory of personal information banks
    This directory lists the personal information banks we hold. A personal information bank includes the type of personal information and the categories of individuals whose information is included, our authority for collecting the information and how it is used or disclosed.