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You can order some of these guides, publications and forms online and have them mailed to you through our Order WCB forms page.

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When an injury happens

Employers are required by law to display this poster in the workplace. The 1-2-3 poster gives workers the basic steps of who to contact to report a workplace injury. Under the Workers' Compensation Act, Section 145, Employers are required to display this poster where employees can see it.

Printable versions

1-2-3 posters are available in 15 different languages. Please print your own copies in any language you choose.

Right to report

This set of posters reminds workers of their rights and encourages reporting injuries.

Modified work

Young worker safety

  • Heads Up young worker safety posters
    Young workers need training, information and support to stay safe at work.
  • Heads Up poster archive
    The Heads Up poster series encourages young workers to learn about safety. These posters continue to be an effective way to get your safety message across to your young workers.

Promoting safety in your workplace

These posters are only available in PDF form.

Other resources

  • Back to basics
    This booklet helps you understand why back pain occurs, how to manage it and how to maintain good back health.
  • Back to basics French
    French version of the Back to basics booklet.
  • Bill 30 WCB changes webinar
    Learn about the legislative changes in Bill 30 that are taking effect throughout 2018. Ensure that you are compliant with the changes regarding the obligation to reinstate workers and continuing coverage under your health benefit plan.
  • Modified work wallet card
    A tool for workers to help them plan for their return to the job. Make these cards part of your new hire training to educate your employees on their role in planning modified work and what to do if they are injured at work.
  • Modified work wallet card holder
    A convenient poster with a pocket to hold a supply of modified work wallet cards for your staff.
  • Office ergonomics
    The introduction of an office ergonomics program is a small but significant step toward reducing work injury in the office. This booklet contains suggestions to help get you started.
  • Office ergonomics French
    French version of the office ergonomics booklet.
  • Preventing workplace violence resources

    We offer many resources to help you develop workplace violence prevention programs at your worksite.
    You can order them online or you can download the poster below.

    • Preventing violence at work guide ($2.50)

      This 20-page workbook outlines the basic elements of a workplace violence prevention program. It is intended to serve only as a general guide to be used as part of an overall workplace violence prevention program.

    • Workplace violence: It's everybody's business (DVD) ($15.00)

      This 19 minute video is designed for employers to identify and understand workplace violence and devise methods to prevent it.

    • "Respect" poster ($3.00)

      Place this poster in your workplace and let your employees know that respect and safety is a priority at your worksite.

  • The shoulder book
    This booklet provides tips to manage shoulder pain and promote shoulder health.
  • Working safely behind the wheel
    Keeping Alberta streets and highways safe is everyone's responsibility. Working Safely Behind the Wheel is designed to get drivers thinking about their driving habits and the consequences of bad driving.

To order print copies of these resources, please email us with your company name, contact name, mailing address, phone number, booklet requested and quantity. You can also call 780-498-8680.

Note: The first 25 copies of all of these booklets, with the exception of the preventing workplace violence resources, are free of charge. Additional booklets cost $2.50 each.