Online services

Pay your premiums, get a clearance, report an injury and more with online services

With WCB's online services, it's easy to get the claim and account information you need.

With the myWCB app, you can:

  • Report an injury where and when it’s convenient for you, and connect with return-to-work resources.
  • Identify return-to-work opportunities for your injured worker.
  • Receive important notifications about claims and your account.
  • Check the balance on your account, make payments, update payroll, and change to a monthly payment installment plan by signing up for pre-authorized debit.
  • Request real-time clearance letters on an account. View your account’s status and your recent clearance requests.
  • Connect with us directly by sending a message or requesting a phone call.
  • ...all through your phone.

Download the app to get started today. Now available in Google Play and the App Store.

Get a clearance letter

Request and receive clearance letters when you need them. Clearance letters state whether a WCB account is in good standing.

Get coverage

If you employ workers in Alberta or would like personal coverage as an owner, partner or director, you can sign up for a WCB account online. Fill out the WCB account registration form and you will receive a confirmation number for your records. We'll follow up with you within three to five business days to notify you of your account status.

Pay your premiums

You can pay your premiums by Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard, or Debit..

Obtain industry statistics

View reports on assessable earnings by industry.

File your annual return

Each year you must report your workers' assessable earnings paid in the current year along with an estimate of the earnings you expect to pay in the upcoming year. To find out more about filing your annual return, visit our annual returns page.

myWCB for employers

Sign up for myWCB to have more online services available to you including:

Report injuries, track reports and receive your claim correspondence online
Meeting the 72 hour deadline has never been easier, and incident and injury reports are quick to submit and track. You can save a report in progress and finish it later, or track all submitted reports.

You can also import injury information directly from your human resources or injury management system. View the employer report upload documentation for instructions.

Manage contractors
Request a clearance letter or receive automatic clearance notifications on your subcontractors.

Maintain your WCB account
Keep up-to-date with your account and notify us of any changes in your business.

  • View your statement of account and invoice balance.
  • Revise reported worker earnings submitted on your annual return.
  • Update your company name, address and company contact information.
  • Add/terminate/amend personal coverage.
  • Report ceased operations or close your account.
  • Report the sale or partial sale of your business.

Manage your claims
Access important claim information related to your WCB account and industry.

  • Monitor and review your claim costs.
  • Identify potential safety issues by reviewing your claim history.
  • Understand your rate impact if your performance improves.
  • Receive an email notifying you a physician has completed the physician’s report so you can determine what your worker can do. See how much can they lift, if they can bend, twist, drive, and climb.

View the links below for examples of the information available.

Claims costs Monthly claim costs summary
Yearly claim costs summary
Performance reporting Claims reporting performance
Employer report card
Premium summary
Pricing programs Industry Custom Pricing - employer summary
Industry Custom Pricing - industry summary
Industry pricing profile
Premium rate statement (experience rating)
General statistics Certifying partner synopsis
Employer synopsis
Industry synopsis
Provincial synopsis
Safety association synopsis - account
Safety association synopsis - funded

myWCB is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except during short outages for maintenance. View our maintenance schedule for myWCB .

For system requirements visit our help page.