Wage replacement

Wage replacement refers to replacing lost employment income resulting from your workplace injury or illness. To pay you wage loss replacement benefits we set a compensation rate based on the amount of money you were earning at the time of your workplace injury/illness. We may also consider other sources of income lost due to your workplace injury/illness. Once we have your gross employment earnings we calculate your taxable net income by subtracting your income tax, CPP and employment insurance. We then calculate 90 per cent of your taxable income to set your compensation rate.

This short video explains how your wage replacement benefit is calculated.

The table below shows you the approximate weekly amount you could receive based on your gross employment earnings.

Gross employment earnings (before taxes/deductions - after expenses if self-employed) Approximate weekly compensation rate (90 per cent of net)
$30,000 $432.41
$35,000 $492.79
$40,000 $553.16
$45,000 $613.54
$50,000 $671.66
$55,000 $727.69
$60,000 $786.08
$65,000 $846.06
$70,000 $906.04
$75,000 $966.02
$80,000 $1,026.00
$85,000 $1,085.98
$90,000 $1,145.96
$95,000 $1,205.94
$100,000 $1,261.42

Compensable earnings

Compensable earnings are the earnings used to determine your wage replacement benefits. If your accident or injury occurs on or after September 1, 2018, you will be compensated on 90% of your net income.

Prior to September 1, 2018 a maximum earnings amount was set each year by our Board of Directors. Compensation benefits were only payable up to this maximum amount, which applied only if you earned more than the maximum amount set for the year you were injured. If you earned more than the maximum, your compensation was based on the maximum amount (e.g, the 2017 maximum compensable earnings amount is $98,700).

Year Maximum compensable earnings
2020 No limit on earnings
2019 No limit on earnings
2018 (September - December) No limit on earnings
2018 (January - August) $98,700
2017 $98,700
2016 $98,700

Reporting wage and replacement benefits

Revenue Canada requires you to report wage replacement benefits as income; however, this amount is not considered to be taxable income.

If you are receiving wage loss benefits we will send you a T5007 statement of benefits. For more information, please reference the T5007 statement of benefits fact sheet.

How your benefits are paid to you

We pay your compensation benefits directly to you. However, your employer may choose to continue paying you while you recover. Should this be the case, we will send your benefit cheques to your employer to reimburse them for the money paid to you.

Sign up for direct deposit

Compensation benefit payments can be made to you by direct deposit, a service where payments are deposited directly into your designated bank account on the specific payment date. For more information see the direct deposit payment service fact sheet.

We provide this service to you at no charge.

To sign up for direct deposit from WCB:

  1. Complete the direct deposit request form.
  2. Fax your form and void cheque to our secured fax number 780-498-7776 to ensure privacy of your personal information.