Research program

At WCB, we are committed to reducing the impact of workplace accidents and diseases on Albertans. We partner with workers, employers, researchers and educators to develop effective tools and programs so we can do our part to improve workplace health and safety while still providing effective disability management services.

Our research program encourages scientific exploration into topics applicable to workers' compensation. We provide funding to high-quality research projects which address some of the pressing issues we face, such as:

  • obtaining optimal clinical and return-to-work outcomes.
  • exploring safety incentives and their role in reducing claims.
  • improving the efficiency, effectiveness and fairness of claims management and the workers’ compensation system.

In addition to these priorities, we may at times request research proposals to address specific areas of interest. Grants are made available to researchers in many different disciplines, including:

  • economics
  • law
  • epidemiology
  • population health
  • rehabilitation
  • basic sciences
  • general social sciences

WCB-funded researchers tell their stories

  • Platelet-rich Plasma Injections
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
  • Upper Extremity Injury: Rotator Cuff Tears

2016 grants competition

Our 2016 grants have been awarded and this competition is now closed. Information about the competition is below. Please check back in January 2017 for information about our 2017 grants competition.

The research committee is interested in several research topics this year. Funding will be considered for projects related to:

  • Disability management, rehabilitation and medical interventions.
  • Reducing barriers to employability through return-to-work.
  • The detection and investigation of occupational disease.
  • Examining current technological, economic, demographic and social factors affecting the nature of work and the implications for WCB financing and Alberta’s workers’ compensation system.
  • The review of policy, system-design and decision-making in workers’ compensation.

A WCB technical resource can be made available to the project team upon request, to assist with WCB-Alberta data extraction and consultation on database issues.

Please note that while we support work site safety and injury prevention, WCB-Alberta does not have direct responsibility for occupational health and safety in the province of Alberta. As such, studies that address primary prevention are beyond our mandate and these researchers are encouraged to seek alternate sources of funding.

Questions? Contact us.

If you think your research applies to our business, contact WCB's Research Program. And let us know if you'd like to be notified by email of any upcoming funding opportunities.

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