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Date of distribution: June 6, 2017

TRANSMITTAL SHEETNo: 03 – 2017      June 6, 2017

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  • Policy 04-02 and Policy 05-02 – Concurrent Conditions
    The Board of Directors has approved changes to these two policies, expanding and clarifying the circumstances in which cost relief may be considered when a worker’s period of disability is prolonged because of a concurrent condition:
    • Minor amendments were made to Policy 04-02, Part II, Application 1, Question 11, to update the definition of concurrent condition.
    • In Policy 05-02, Part II, Application 1, the cost relief provision for concurrent conditions was removed from Question 2, and moved to a new Question 3 (all subsequent questions were renumbered accordingly). Cost relief was expanded to include concurrent conditions that occur after the compensable accident. As well, cost relief for personal risks such as obesity or addiction was clarified, so that cost relief may be available if the personal risk causes a delay in the worker’s ability to participate in treatment or rehabilitation for the compensable injury (for example, if surgery must be delayed until the worker loses weight or stops smoking).

Complete list of changed documents

Document Old New
02-02, Temporary Benefits Application 1 Policy 04-02, Part II, Application 1
(issue date June 6, 2017))
05-02, Cost Relief Application 1 Policy 05-02, Part II, Application 1
(issue date June 6, 2017))

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