Recent changes to the Policies and Information Manual

Date of Distribution: May 10, 2016

TRANSMITTAL SHEETNo: 03-2016      May 10, 2016

WHAT'S CHANGED (Please read the policy documents for complete information).

Please note that policy changes since the last issue are indicated by shaded text or shading in the left margin.

Inconsequential amendments

There are a number of minor changes to several policies and the glossary. The changes are inconsequential in nature and do not affect the rights and responsibilities of workers or employers. The changes are:

  • Policy 04-01, Part I and Part II, Addendum B – Cost-of-Living Adjustments and Legislated Increases
    The footnote in Addendum B stating that the 1986 adjustment does not apply to temporary benefits has been expanded to explain the reason why. As well, for accuracy, the addendum title was amended and includes an additional footnote to clarify that, up to and including 1990, adjustments were legislated (not COLA). The reference to Addendum B in Part I of the policy has been updated to reflect the new title.
  • Policy 04-06, Part II, Application 1, Question 1
    The definition of “physician” has been updated so that it is consistent with the definition in s.1(1)(v) of the WCA. The corresponding definition in the glossary has also been updated.
  • Policy 06-01, Part II, Application 3, Questions 13 and 14
    Questions 13 and 14 appeared to have conflicting coverage criteria for trade union executives. The policy has been amended to clarify that Question 13 applies to trade union executives who are paid for their services, while Question 14 applies to those who are not paid.
  • Glossary
    Glossary definitions with sources other than WCB policy were reviewed to determine whether they were still correct. A number of the definitions have been updated to reflect current dictionary definitions or more relevant sources. As well, the definition of “Appeals Commission” was expanded to include a brief description of its purpose, and a new entry was added for the DRDRB. Finally, the existing entry for “Suitable Employment” now clarifies that is applicable to permanent disability, and a new entry provides the definition of suitable employment that is applicable to temporary disability, as set out in Policy 04-05 and Policy 04-02.
Table of Contents
The table of contents has been updated.

Complete list of changed documents

Document Old New
Table of Contents Entire document Table of Contents
(issue date May 10, 2016)
Policy 04-01, Establishing Net Earnings Part I Policy 04-01, Part I
(issue date May 10, 2016)
  Part II, Addendum B Policy 04-01, Part II, Addendum B
(issue date May 10, 2016)
Policy 04-06, Health Care Part II, Application 1 Policy 04-06, Part II, Application 1
(issue date May 10, 2016)
Policy 06-06, Employers and Workers Part II, Application 3 Policy 06-01, Part II, Application 3
(issue date May 10, 2016)
Glossary Glossary Glossary
(issue date May 10, 2016)

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