Recent changes to the Policies and Information Manual

Date of distribution: December 4, 2018

TRANSMITTAL SHEET No: 06 – 2018      December 4, 2018

WHAT'S CHANGED (Please read the policy documents for complete information).

Please note that policy changes since the last issue are indicated by shaded text or shading in the left margin.

  • Code of Rights and Conduct The Code of Rights and Conduct was approved in April. Upon review, it was noted that a reference to one of the sections was mislabeled. An inconsequential amendment was approved to correct the error.
  • Policy 01-07, Office of the Appeals Advisor This policy (Part I and Part II) was rescinded on December 1, 2018, as Part 3.1 of the Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA), establishing the Fair Practices Office, moves the responsibility for the Office of the Appeals Advisor from the Workers’ Compensation Board to the Fair Practices Office within the Government of Alberta, effective December 1, 2018.
  • G-2, The Review and Appeal Process Information document, G-2, The Review and Appeal Process, has been revised to remove references to the Office of the Appeals Advisor and to add in references to the Fair Practices Office.
  • Document History An entry was added with information about the rescission of Policy 01-07.
  • Table of Contents was updated.

Complete list of changed documents

Document Old New
Table of Contents Entire document Table of Contents
(issue date December 4, 2018)
Code of Rights and Conduct Entire document Code of Rights and Conduct
(issue date December 4, 2018)
Policy 01-07, Office of Appeals Advisor Entire document None
G-2 Entire document G-2
(issue date December 4, 2018)
Document History Entire document Document History
(issue date December 4, 2018)

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