Severe injuries

Work is a part of your life, and a workplace injury can disrupt your life's routine. Our goal is to help you recover quickly so you can return to work and to life. To achieve this goal we offer specialized injury support if you are recovering from a back, shoulder, psychological or severe injury.

A severe injury can be life changing. We have customized support to help severely injured workers with your unique needs. Learn more about the benefits and services you may be eligible for in this short video.

If you suffered a severe injury you may be entitled to specialized medical benefits to help you adapt and thrive.

Personal care allowance

If you are severely injured, personal care may be recommended through your hospital discharge care plan, or by your health care provider. Personal care providers can assist with tasks such as wound care, bathing, dressing, homemaking and transportation. In these cases, we may contract a home health care agency to provide the care you need. We may also offer a personal care allowance (PCA), which you may use to cover the cost of temporary or permanent in-home care.

Transportation or vehicle modification

Transportation support can range from payment for disabled adult transportation services as a temporary measure, to modification of a new or existing vehicle to accommodate your disability.

Home modification

You may qualify for home modifications to help you move about your environment. The type of home modifications available depends on your functional ability, as assessed by an occupational therapist.

Modifications may be major (including full structural changes in the home) or minor (like installing grab bars).

Psychological counselling

A severe injury can be life changing. Sometimes a psychological injury can develop as a result of a physical injury. Our job is to help you with both.

We work with a number of community psychologists across Alberta to help you access the best care for your individual needs. We can help you select a provider and WCB will cover the costs of treatment.

Wheelchair costs

Sometimes a workplace injury or condition makes it harder to get around. We are here to help you and can provide a wheelchair at no cost when your doctor recommends it. To best determine your wheelchair needs, an authorized occupational or physical therapist will assess you.

Depending on your situation, you may be provided with up to two wheelchairs—one for indoor use and one for outdoor use.

Personal assistants

If you are unable to travel on your own to receive medical treatment, you may have someone help you (a personal assistant). If the personal assistant loses time from work, we may reimburse those lost wages. Written verification is required from your personal assistant’s employer to be reimbursed the amount of lost wages. Before arranging this, contact your adjudicator or case manager for more information.

Depending on the severity of your injury there may be additional medical benefits available. Your case manager can provide more information.


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