Additional support

Dealing with a psychological injury doesn’t always fit within doctor’s office hours. Anxiety can take over at any time; stress can feel unmanageable—coping may suddenly feel impossible. If you have a claim with us, your case manager is here to arrange benefits and services that will help you, but there is also help available in your community if and when you need it. If you are struggling and need to talk to someone, you don’t have to wait until your next appointment.

If you need help today, please reach out to a family member, friend, or your case manager.

There are also a number of community resources available across Alberta, some of which we’ve compiled here:

Crisis support lines in Alberta

Northern Alberta Fort McMurray and Northeastern Alberta SOS Crisis Line: 780-743-HELP (4357) or 1-800-565-3801
Central Alberta Edmonton and surrounding areas The Support Network Distress Line: (780) 482-HELP (24 hours)
Cold Lake Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Center: 1-866-594-0533 (24 hours)
All Alberta and Northern Saskatchewan
St. Paul District Crisis Center
1-800-263-3045 (24 hours)
Southern Alberta Rural areas in the Capital Health Region The Support Network Distress Line: 1-800-232-7288 (24 hours)
Calgary Distress Center: (403) 266-HELP
Chinook Health Region and southern Calgary Distress Line 1-888-787-2880 or (403) 327-7905

Crisis centres across Canada

British Columbia 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
Saskatchewan 306-933-6200
Manitoba 1-877-HELP170 (1-877-435-7170)
Ontario 1-866-797-0000
Quebec 1-866-APPELLE (1-866-277-3553)
Nova Scotia 1-888-429-8167
New Brunswick 1-800-667-5005
Newfoundland and Labrador 1-888-737-4668
PEI 1-800-218-2885
Northwest Territories 1-800-661-0844
Yukon 1-800-563-0808
Nunavut 1-800-265-3333

Additional resources

  • 211: Information on community and social services (Not all of Alberta has 211 for a list of communities with this service, visit).
  • 811: Health Link
  • 911: Emergency
  • Income Support Contact Center:1-866-644-5135 (24 hours)
  • Addiction Services Help line:1-866-332-2322 (24 hours)
  • Poison & Drug Information Service:1-800-332-1414 (24 hours)
  • Free apps you can download to your iPhone or iPad to help you with relaxation techniques:
    • Sleep pillow
    • Breathe
    • Insight timer
    • Relax – relaxation music
    • Calm