Our focus

Our vision (the ideal state):

Albertans working—a safe, healthy and strong Alberta.

Our mission (what we're doing to make it a reality):

WCB-Alberta, working together with our partners, will significantly and measurably reduce the impact of workplace illness and injury on Albertans.

Our priorities (what will lead us there):

The world we live in is constantly changing; as people and as organizations, we are constantly challenged to improve. At WCB-Alberta, we want to get better at what we do because our work impacts the lives of Albertans and their families.

To help us do this, we developed a plan that builds on our past and provides a clear focus for our future. This process led us to identify four strategic themes that guide all areas of our business:

  • Commitment to decision fairness—We must make fair decisions by ensuring they are correct, easy to understand, and delivered with respect. Fairness is at the heart of every action we take.
  • Focus on a safe return to work—We can help injured workers achieve fitness for work and independence. Client success is the ultimate goal.
  • Leveraging prevention—We create pricing programs that reward good employer performance and drive those with poor safety performance to improve. Prevention is at the core of Albertans working safely.
  • Financial stability—Workers and employers deserve stable and affordable protection from the impact of workplace injury and illness. Our financial strategies ensure the system will support workers and employers in the long term.

Ensuring that these four themes are rooted in every decision we make will allow us to maintain a stable and robust workers' compensation system that will continue to serve Albertans well into the future.

Corporate scorecard

In support of our strategic plan, we focus on our business performance through the use of a corporate scorecard each year. We develop our scorecard as a guide for the whole organization, to ensure we're all working together to achieve the same goals and deliver the best possible service to our stakeholders.

Our scorecard targets four areas of measurement representing goals that reflect our innovation, service outcomes, customer impact and financial stability.


  • Annual Corporate Scorecard
    The scorecard outlines key objectives each year. Results are published each year in the annual report.