Employability profiles database

The employability profiles database is currently under construction and unavailable.

Why? We are updating profile information and making format changes to make the profiles more clear for your return-to-work planning.

How can you get job profile information? While the database is being updated, you can request any job profile from your claim owner or your vocational specialist.

Job profiles are also available from the Government of Alberta. This information may help you complete some additional background research for your return-to-work planning.

When will the database be back? We expect to have a new database early 2018.

The employability profiles database is a catalogue of occupations in our province that provides an overview of jobs you may be interested in pursuing as you prepare to find employment. It contains profiles of jobs in seven major areas (and their respective vicinities) in Alberta.

Each profile includes:

  • a description of job duties
  • the physical demands for each job (if required)
  • experience and qualifications needed for the job
  • educational requirements
  • workplace environment

Updating profiles

The employability profiles are prepared by an independent research firm to ensure that the information is unbiased. We monitor each profile to ensure it is accurate so that workers have the best information. As long as the nature of the job remains the same, the employability profile is considered valid. Salary information attached to each job profile is specific to the seven major areas and is considered current for one year from the date it is published. Salary information is revised on an annual basis.


How a job profile is created
Our employability profiles are prepared by an independent research firm in order to ensure that the profiles provide an unbiased and objective portrayal of occupations.