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No increase to claim cost threshold

Jan. 14, 2020

The claims cost threshold for no-time-lost claims used in experience rating is reviewed annually and will remain at $1,500 for claims occurring in 2020. Learn more.

Supporting psychological health and safety

Jan. 14, 2020

We are excited to partner with the University of Fredericton to offer Alberta employers exclusive rates to online certificate courses in psychological health and safety. Get started today!

From Trucking to Tinkering: Dario’s journey

When Dario Fogliatti started to feel a constant burning sensation in his left elbow, he worried what it would mean for his job. Read how the training-on-the-job program helped Dario get back on his feet.

Psychological injuries in the workplace

Want to learn how you can support a safe and timely return to work for a worker coping with a psychological injury? A new seminar is now available for employers. Registration is open.

Severe injury support

A severe injury can be life changing. We have customized support to help you adapt and thrive.

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"I sat around long enough. I wanted to get out and work." Rick Sokolowski took control of his recovery and started a new career at age 60.

Read Rick's story. Read Rick's story of recovery and reinvention.