How to complete a request for review

You may be experiencing a challenging time due to a work-related injury and we are here to help.

Before completing the steps below, please ensure you have reviewed all the information on the review and appeals page for workers. It covers everything you need to know about appeals and the collaborative review process if you do not agree with a decision(s) made on your claim.

Timing is critical so please be aware that you have 12 months from the date of the decision to submit a request for review. In some situations, we can extend the time limit if it has been more than a year since the decision was made. If this applies to you, you will have the opportunity to apply for an extension as you complete the online form (step 3 below).

Step 1 – Stay in close contact

Effective communication between you and your claim owner is extremely important, especially when you do not understand or agree with a decision. Before completing the request for review form below, you must first contact the person who made the decision.

  • For claims: contact your adjudicator or case manager.
  • For accounts: contact the customer contact representative, auditor, underwriter, etc.
  • Please provide any new information that may impact the decision(s).
  • If you still disagree with the decision(s), please ask to speak to the Customer Service supervisor.

If you need additional support along the way, please connect with the following resources.

Step 2 – Request a copy of your claim file

To ensure you are fully informed about your claim and decision, please contact our Claims Contact Centre by phone at 780-498-3999 to request a copy of your claim file. You may be asked the following questions to verify your identity:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information (address, phone number, email)
  • Reason for requesting a copy of the file (appeal or personal)

You can expect to receive it within 30 business days after you made your request.

Step 3 – Request a review (complete the online form)

If you were unable to resolve your concerns with your adjudicator, case manager or supervisor (step 1 above), you can request a formal review using the online form below.

Once the request is received, a supervisor will contact you within 14 days to work with you toward a resolution. If resolution cannot be reached, your request for review will be referred to the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Body (DRDRB).

Your experience is important. While this online form is meant to be completed easily using drop-down menus, buttons and open text fields, you are welcome to send additional details or documentation via email to Further instructions are provided at the bottom of this form.