Board – Alberta


Annual Report

Our priorities and values

We are committed to delivering a strong, stable workers’ compensation system that meets the needs of injured workers, employers and all Albertans.

Every decision we make is guided by three principles designed to ensure injured workers, employers and health care providers feel truly engaged in their workers’ compensation system.

Guiding principles

We provide exceptional service by committing to collaborative and inclusive processes with our clients and partners to ensure the best possible outcomes.

We make decisions that are fair and balanced, grounded in evidence, law and policy. We understand that transparency and impartiality are key to building trust with our clients and partners.

We maintain financial sustainability to make sure the workers’ compensation system is an enduring and reliable source of support for workers and employers.

Four strategic priorities


Our shared service journey recognizes that collaboration with partners drives successful return-to-work outcomes. We’re creating new ways for our clients to interact with us through innovative and accessible technology solutions that enhance their experience and streamline our operations.


The working world is continually evolving. We strive to keep pace with the changing nature of work to find meaningful opportunities for injured workers to return to the workplace, whether to their date-of-accident job or by following a new career path.


Psychological injuries are complex and present unique challenges for a successful recovery. In response to the changing nature of claims, we’re using new technologies and collaborating with our partners to provide timely intervention and support.


We continue to modernize our systems and services to help clients interact with us in ways that best meet their needs. Through technology and innovation, we’re creating a seamless and intuitive experience for clients and staff alike, while ensuring transparency and accessibility for all users.

Our 2023 goals and results

Service journey critical milestones

Measuring what matters is key to excellent service and continuous improvement. We collaborate with workers and employers to develop customized care plans that meet their unique needs and enable a successful return to work. We measure these critical milestones to ensure our efforts make their journey smoother and simpler.

Our critical milestone results

2023 Financial Reports

Our financial results summarize our 2023 performance and reflect our commitment to a sustainable and cost-effective system for the workers and employers who rely on us.