Farming sign-up instructions

Effective Jan. 1, 2016, some farming and ranching operations in Alberta require mandatory workers’ compensation coverage for their waged, non-family workers.

If you have questions about who you have to cover, or about the application form, please call us at 1-866-922-9221. If you would prefer to fill out a paper form, click here.

To help make opening your WCB account as easy as possible, please take a moment to review a couple of tips for completing your application.

  1. Selecting your account start date

    On the application form you will be asked to select a start date for your workers. This date should reflect the first day when waged workers were employed. Please do not select a date prior to January 1, 2016.
  2. Selecting your industry (or industries)

    To help us make sure we accurately set your premiums, we ask for information about your business activities. On the Company Operations page, please indicate your industry from the list below. If you operate in more than one industry, please include them all. If you don't see a description below that fits for you, please include your own description in the form.
  3. Agri-tourism farms Fishing/fish or fur farms Hog producers
    Apiaries Forage & peat moss processing Livestock auctions/stockyards
    Beef producers Goat/sheep producers Llama/alpaca producers
    Dairy farms Greenhouses/market gardens Mushroom producers/bait farms
    Elk/bison producers Harvesting/baling - custom Poultry/egg producers
    Feed lots Hay/grain/crop farming Riding academies/horse stables
  4. Listing equipment and assets

    A general description of the assets used for your operations helps us ensure we have you classified in the correct industry (e.g. combines, tractors). You do not need to include detailed information such as the make, model, and serial numbers for your equipment.

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