Phase two - Review of employer accounts and premium policies

A high-level review of employer accounts and premium policies was open for online consultation earlier this year. We’ve used the feedback from the first round of consultation to draft our policy changes.

Some changes were around improving clarity and understanding and do not change our current process. We heard what you had to say and plan to incorporate these ideas into our policies or procedures.

As we head into phase two of the consultation, we’re seeking your input on changes that are more substantive in nature. These draft revised policies are included in the attachment below. We’re proposing:

  1. Adding a business test to determine an individual’s status as either a worker or business owner (see draft Policy 06-01, Part II, Application 2).
  2. Including dividends as earnings for personal coverage holders when earnings are paid in lieu of salary (see draft Policy 06-02, Part II, Application 2 and draft Policy 06-03, Part II, Application 4).
  3. Splitting and extending personal coverage to ease the administrative burden for individuals who would like to extend personal coverage across multiple operations under one account (see draft Policy 06-02, Part II, Application 2).
  4. Including a provision in policy around classifying businesses providing support services to an industry to ensure transparency and consistent decision-making (see draft Policy 07-01, Part II, Application 1).

WCB welcomes your feedback, ideas and suggestions.

The posting will be open until December 2, 2019.
Review backgrounder and draft policies.
Find out more about the suggested changes.

Verbatim comments on phase one of the high level review of employer accounts and premium policies.

Policy Feedback

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