Our priorities and values

With the right focus and a solid strategic plan, we are committed to delivering a stable workers’ compensation system that meets the needs of injured workers, employers and all Albertans now and in the future.

Guided by our priorities, we move the system forward in ways that meet our clients’ fundamental needs.

We deliver exceptional service by working collaboratively to ensure a positive experience with us while achieving great outcomes.

We make decisions that are fair and balanced, knowing that transparency and impartiality are key to building trust with our stakeholders.

We ensure a financially sustainable system that can support injured workers in the long term, while providing rate stability for the employers who fund the system.

In 2022, we found new ways of streamlining processes while staying dedicated to our four primary areas of focus.

Our shared service journey recognizes that workers, employers and treatment providers must work together to achieve a safe and successful return to work. We’re making it easier than ever to work with our stakeholders through innovative, accessible technology.

The job market is continually evolving, as is the changing nature of work in our province. We strive to find meaningful opportunities for injured workers to return to the workplace, whether at their date-of-accident job or by following a new career path.

Psychological injuries present significant challenges to successful recovery, whether as the root cause of an injury or as a result of a physical injury. We are responding to the changing nature of claims using new processes and technologies that help us identify and address barriers early on, allowing us to provide timely intervention and support.

We continue to provide self-service options that help clients interact with us in ways that best meet their needs. Through technology and innovation, we’re creating a more streamlined experience for clients, while ensuring transparency and accessibility for all users.

Our 2022 goals and results

Service journey critical milestones

The most important thing we do is collaborate with workers and employers on the return-to-work journey. We work closely with our clients to develop care plans and customize our service, so it is never “one size fits all.” We measure key milestones along the way to ensure our efforts make their journey better.

Our critical milestone results


Our financial results summarize our 2022 performance and reflect our commitment to a sustainable and cost-effective system for the workers and employers who rely on us.