Our guiding pillars

Our pillars reflect our promises and define our commitment to you.

Our pillars focus us to deliver a workers’ compensation system that injured workers, employers and health care providers can rely on and trust. They drive our decision making and actions in order to align us to our vision of a safe, healthy and strong Alberta.

Our focus, goals & results

Our priorities shape our vision and help define our goals for the future. Our strategic plan outlines key areas of focus for us in the coming years to ensure we are evolving our workers’ compensation system to meet Alberta’s emerging needs.

This is your workers’ compensation system. We’re thinking about the future so the benefits and services you need are available when you need them. Through the daily work of our management team and employees, together we will ensure our workers’ compensation system withstands the test of time.

Year at a glance

Last year we covered nearly two million workers and almost 160,000 employers. Here’s a look at 2019, by the numbers...

Our community support program

We do all we can to help injured workers on their road to recovery, but sometimes a little extra help from a community resource can change a life for the better.


Our goal is to ensure workers and employers have stable and reliable protection from the impact of workplace injuries and illnesses—now and into the future.


Our financial results summarize our 2019 performance and reflect our commitment to a sustainable and cost-effective system for the workers and employers who rely on us.