Our President

Ask him what he does and Guy Kerr will tell you he’s the President and CEO of Alberta’s Workers’ Compensation Board, a position he’s held—and loved—since 2002. Ask him who he is and he’ll tell you he’s a husband, a father and a proud lifelong Albertan.

Who we are and what we do are connected, so getting hurt at work can affect a person’s entire life. The mandate of WCB is to lessen the impact of injury and illness on working Albertans, always staying true to the principles of fairness and return to work.

Under Guy’s leadership, WCB-Alberta has become one of the most financially stable and high-performing workers’ compensation boards in Canada, routinely producing excellent return-to-work, health care and vocational outcomes.

Effective mechanisms have been put in place to resolve disputes and launch appeals, and to ensure that injured workers who want to appeal decisions are given the help they need to navigate the process.

And under Guy’s leadership, a culture of respect and accountability has been stitched into the very fabric of the organization, and embraced by each person who works here.

Says Guy: “I get to work with people, every day, who share my commitment and passion to helping people return to work when they are hurt on the job. And I get to meet clients who teach me so much about perseverance.

“The foundation of our culture at WCB, when we’re at our best, is empathy. Claims represent people—men, women, their families—with meaningful lives.”