What Workers' Compensation provides

Every hour, Albertans are injured on the job. The Workers' Compensation Board - Alberta is a not-for-profit organization that helps injured workers return to work as quickly and as safely as possible, while providing financial compensation for wages lost due to their workplace injury.

Workers' compensation benefits include:

No fault insurance

Protection is provided for you and your employer regardless of who caused the work injury. The workers' compensation system is funded through the payment of premiums by employers with coverage.


Most employers and workers are covered by WCB-Alberta; however, some industries are not required to have this coverage. If you are unsure whether you have WCB-Alberta coverage, ask your employer.

There are no citizenship or age boundaries - if you are a worker in Alberta working in an industry under the Workers' Compensation Act, you are protected by WCB-Alberta.

Risk management

WCB-Alberta provides the only insurance that offers protection from lawsuit for you, your employers and other parties covered by WCB-Alberta.

Wage replacement for lost income

  • Disability benefits based on 90 percent of your net earnings, up to a maximum amount set by WCB-Alberta's Board of Directors for the year of your accident (see below).
  • Net earnings are your usual wages, less an amount for income tax, CPP and Employment Insurance contributions, up to the yearly maximum amount.
Year Maximum Insurable Earnings
2015 $95,300
2014 $92,300

See Board Orders on the Maximum Insurable Earnings (MIE)


  • WCB-Alberta does not pay for union dues, Alberta Health Care or any deductions you normally pay.
  • Wage replacement is paid only while you are totally disabled by the work injury or illness. If you are able to work, you are no longer eligible for wage replacement benefits.

Comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services

  • Expenses associated with the treatment of the work injury including medication or hospitalization.
  • Health care expenses may include chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy and/or counselling.

Funeral expenses and survivor benefits

  • Benefits are provided to eligible dependants when a work accident results in a fatality.