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Online injury reporting

To report an injury online

Accept the declaration and consent statement and you will be automatically taken to the online form.

This service is available from 6:00 a.m. to midnight (MST), seven days per week. Submit a report if you have a work-related injury that causes (or is likely to cause) you to be off work or on modified duties beyond the day of injury.

Before you begin

  • You must accept the declaration and consent statement to begin.
  • After 60 minutes of inactivity the information entered will be lost. (You cannot save a draft and come back to it later)
  • All mandatory fields must be complete in order to submit successfully.
  • You can cut and paste information from another document into the online form.
  • You have a 1,024 character limit in comment boxes.
  • Security features protect the privacy & confidentiality of all information collected.
  • Password is not required.
  • To submit additional information mail or fax your information WCB-Alberta PO Box 2415, Edmonton, AB T5J 2S5 Fax: 780-427-5863

After you submit

  • You will receive a message on your screen indicating the report was successfully submitted.
  • Your report will be processed within 24 hours from when it was submitted.
  • If you realize you have made an error, please call 1-866-922-9221.
  • If you would like your medical information released, please complete the Medical Release form C463 (pdf, 17KB)