Learn how to formalize a Modified Work Program

Put a policy in writing

Reflect your organization's commitment to employees by offering modified work. This can help an injured worker's recovery and facilitate early return to work.

Helpful hints:

  • Ensure your workers know he or she is expected to participate and you will assist him or her in getting back to work.
  • Make the program flexible so it can accommodate a variety of different situations.
  • Make the program available for work and non-work related injuries.
  • Compile and update documents required to track your injured worker's progress. (Sample documents you can use include: Offer of Modified Work (pdf, 23KB) agreement, Physical Demands Analysis form (pdf, 182KB) and Fitness for Work form (pdf, 30KB))

Identify modified work opportunities in your company

Helpful hints:

  • Ask for input from workers on modified work opportunities.
  • Develop a list of tasks that could be done by an injured worker (Focus on duties that can be done and not the type of injury).
  • Ensure the modified work is of value to the organization and meets the worker's medical restrictions and physical ability.
  • Use outside resources to help identify modified work within the organization. (Work with employers in your industry to develop modified work ideas.)
  • Observe job tasks and document modifications that could accommodate an injured worker. (Reduced hours of work, lighter lifting, etc.)

WCB-Alberta can arrange for a rehabilitation therapist to help you.

Educate workers about modified work practices

Helpful hints:

  • Ensure all workers understand your modified work philosophy and its benefits.
  • Educate management about the needs of injured workers who are returning to modified work.
  • Ensure your workers are aware that the Workers' Compensation Act prohibits WCB-Alberta from issuing total disability benefits when an injured worker can resume employment, even if it is modified work.

Follow modified work policies and procedures

Helpful hints:

  • Modified work performed past the day of the accident must be reported to WCB-Alberta, even if there is no time lost or loss of earnings.
  • Ensure all modified work offers are medically approved and documentation is provided to the adjudicator or case manager.
  • Work with WCB-Alberta to develop an effective return to modified work plan for your worker.
  • Maintain regular contact with your worker, their doctor, and WCB-Alberta.